Axed Countryfile host Miriam to front ITV age show

Countryfile host Miriam O’Reilly, who recently won an age discrimination tribunal against the BBC, is now set to front a show on ITV – about ageism.

The Sun reports that the 53-year-old has agreed to present a special edition of ITV1’s current affairs show Tonight, that will look at how older people are treated on the small screen.

According to insiders, Miriam is hoping to feature other famous faces who were given the push from TV shows for allegedly being too old.

“She will be holding the people in television to account,” a source told the paper, “asking them how they choose who should be on TV.

“She will explore if there is a general culture in TV that favours the young over the older, more experienced faces. She has already approached the BBC about putting someone senior up to talk to.

“It will be embarrassing for the Beeb, but they will have to take it on the chin.”

Miriam was one of several presenters over 40 to be dropped from Countryfile, along with Michaela Strachan, Juliet Morris, and Charlotte Smith.

She is now in line to receive a six-figure payout from the BBC after winning her case against them.