Couch Potato Pickings

On ITV2 tonight at 8pm


After being won by a kindly farmer at a country fair, piglet Babe is adopted by a sheepdog who shows him the ways of the farm. However, Babe seems destined to be served up for Christmas dinner until he reveals an unexpected talent for herding sheep.

Just before this adorable Australian film came out in UK cinemas in 1995, I went to a private screening with my then work colleagues – a team bonding treat kind of thing. After the film, which we all enjoyed immensely, we assembled in the adjoining bar for post-movie drinks and nibbles. A big silver platter of sandwiches, decorated with a small salad and a crescent of crisps greeted us. We all dived in eagerly, only to discover, with horror, that they were all ham sandwiches. Whoever had arranged the catering was either incredibly thoughtless or was playing a very cruel joke.