Bad Lashes, the first act to be booted off The X Factor, have claimed their mentor Louis Walsh focused his attention on boyband JLS.

The girls – Stacey, 20, Sophie, 23, Emily, 19, and Sam, 21 – were kicked off the ITV talent show on Saturday.

They revealed their judge and mentor Louis had told them he doesn’t know how to manage girlbands.

Emily said: “Louis said ‘Look I know how boybands work, I’ve done it with Westlife, blah blah blah’. He said he managed Girls Aloud for a bit and wasn’t very good.”

Asked if Louis spent more time with JLS, Sam said: “A little bit. He loves boy groups, that’s his thing. Boy groups are totally his thing.”

Sophie added: “We don’t really know how many phone calls he made different and stuff but generally he just chatted to them a little bit more and things. Louis generally is better with male boybands.”

The band confessed they would’ve preferred to have had Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole as their mentor.

Stacey said: “Louis has admitted to us that he is more boybands and not girlbands. So he really knows what to do with JLS, it’s easy to choose songs for them and stuff. Whereas girlbands – he said listen to Cheryl.

“So Cheryl was kind of helping us and being a mentor a little bit as well. So maybe if we had of had Cheryl it could have been a bit different.”

Emily said: “When we found out we got Louis I was a bit gutted because I secretly wanted Cheryl the whole time. We all did.”