Bad Lieutenants – Top 10 Most Corrupt Screen Cops of All Time

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Please note that this competition is not fixed and bribes will not be accepted (unless they’re, like, reeeally good).

And just to get you in a suitable nasty mode, check out Movie Talk’s top ten bent screen coppers – in no particular order. Let us know if we missed anybody off!

1. Bad LieutenantHarvey Keitel
Lakeview TerraceSamuel L Jackson‘s Abel Turner takes the law into his own hands and turns into the neighbour from hell just because the folks next door are an interracial couple.

3. Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesAlan Rickman spits and hisses his way through almost all his lines as the snake-like Sheriff of Nottingham.

4. L.A. ConfidentialJames Cromwell‘s Dudley Smith (far left) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

5. The GodfatherSterling Hayden‘s corrupt Captain McCluskey bites the bullet after crossing Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone, cos you don’t mess with La Famiglia.

6. Crash – What goes around comes around for Matt Dillon
LéonGary Oldman does a brilliantly evil job as cold-blooded, trigger-happy copper Stansfield, who leaves Natalie Portman an orphan.

8. Infernal Affairs – It’s a game of cat and mouse for Andy Lau‘s mole inspector Lau Kin Ming and Tony Leung’s deep undercover cop Chen Wing Yan.

9. Training DayFlawless Denzel Washington
16 BlocksDavid Morse‘s Detective Frank Nugent (right) is the naughty chief who tries to stop Bruce Willis from taking witness Mos Def to court.

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