Great British Bake Off finalist Kimberley Wilson says discovering new flavour combinations is a recipe for disaster.

Kimberley was in the series four final alongside Ruby Tandoh and eventual winner Frances Quinn, a series that had its controversial moments when esteemed chef Raymond Blanc criticised Ruby’s ‘thinness’ and Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood was accused of showing favouritism towards Ruby.

Since the series ended last August, Kimberley has returned to her career as a psychologist, but continues to devote her spare time to baking, in particular jam-making, working alongside Persil to create a series of ‘jam duals’, flavour combinations which shouldn’t work, but do…

Kimberley says you have to prepare to fail to create new flavours, such as her raspberry and basil jam. “I walk around markets and shops and stores and look out for things I’ve never heard of before, buy them, then take them home and try and work out what to do with them afterwards,” she laughed.

“I have a group of [ingredients] and I keep adding until the point it tastes disgusting then step back before that point. Disasters happen, but you just have to use them as a learning curve.”

But it’s all worth it when the end-product is a taste sensation. “It’s kind of a mini-discovery, it’s a moment of pride,” she said.

Watch Kimberley Wilson talk about the new series of Great British Bake Off, her own kitchen endeavours and her friendship with her fellow finalists: