Prue Leith’s infamous Bake Off final tweet was only live for 89 seconds!

Prue reveals she couldn't sleep after mistake

Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith says she could not sleep for days after accidentally revealing the show’s winner early and that the infamous message was only live for 89 seconds before her secretary deleted it!

Prue, 77, was in Bhutan when she tweeted her congratulations to Sophie Faldo, hours before the C4 final.

She told RTE’s The Ray D’Arcy Show that the nation’s prime minister Tshering Tobgay called her after the error.

“He was rather pleased because I said Bhutan. It was good for tourism I think,” Prue said.

After the gaffe, the show’s judge had told the Press Association: “I’m in Bhutan. The time difference is massive. I thought that they got it six hours ago.

“I’m in too much of a state to talk about it. It was a mistake. I f***** up.”

Now she has said that when she realised what she had done she tried to delete her tweet.

“I was in such a panic I couldn’t work my phone. I couldn’t delete it,” Prue said.

“So I rang my secretary and she said: ‘Don’t worry, I have already done it’ – 89 seconds afterwards but it was too late.”

Prue said everyone at Bake Off and C4 was very supportive, but added: “It was days before I could sleep properly.”