Actress Barbara Windsor has revealed that she had a fling with legendary footballer George Best in the 1960s – and described him as “fabulous”.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on his show Life Stories, the 73-year-old recalled how she first got together with Best at a film premiere in Manchester.

“There was this vision, this absolute vision,” she said. “In the 60s he was so beautiful.

“Anyway, in the bar afterwards he came over to me and he started talking to me and I said ‘look, don’t waste your time with me darling, you’ve got all these lovely ladies after you.’

“And he said, ‘Well, when do I ever get to talk to somebody like you?’ Well that did it. That was it. A magic moment again. It was great, he was fabulous.”

Barbara – who left EastEnders earlier this year after 16 years playing Peggy Mitchell – also spilled the beans on her encounters with other celebrities.

She also described how she enjoyed a “little moment” with the late Bee Gees star Maurice Gibb, when she was asked to give him some acting advice and the pair ended up in bed.

But when Piers asked how many men she had slept with, Barbara replied, “No idea. Why – have you counted them?”

The full interview can be seen on ITV1 at 10.10pm on Saturday night.