Legendary Aussie comedian Barry Humphries, AKA Dame Edna Everage, had a lusty time filming Sky1’s new comedy Chickens, including his first ever screen kiss.

Set during World War One, Barry’s amorous headmaster character Mr Armstrong snogs a woman in his village.

“This was a first for me because I’d never kissed anyone, in any show, on the stage, on film or in a comedy,” Barry told What’s on TV. “And I was a little bit excited about it. I really wanted to know who they might select for me to kiss, the person I’d be exchanaging bodily fluids with. It was a very nice woman I thought…

“Being in Chickens was a good opportunity to play a seedy schoolmaster during wartime. When I was at school a long time ago in Melbourne, most of the schoolmasters had gone off to war or come back with malaria, and we pupils were left with elderly, drunken, ignorant and lecherous schoolmasters, so I knew just how to portray him.”

Barry has turned down many sitcoms in the past, but he jumped at the chance to appear alongside Inbetweeners stars Simon Bird and Joe Thomas, who co-wrote the series with their friend Jonny Sweet.

“Oh yes I’ve been offered many sitcoms. I can’t remember what they were now,” said Barry, 79. “This is a wonderful opportunity for three of the funniest and most talented men in the Northern hemisphere to work with me. I am very proud of my young supporting cast.”