The BBC has announced a new comedy, Puppy Love, set around dog training classes.

From the creators of Getting On, Puppy Love follows two women and their ‘headstrong dogs, impossible teenage kids and disappointing husbands’.

BBC controller of comedy commissioning Shane Allen announced the show and also revealed that Count Arthur Strong, which made its TV debut on BBC2 on Monday night after starting life on Radio 4, has already been commissioned for a second series.

He said of Puppy Love, which is set around the world of dog-training classes in The Wirral: “It’s about the world of dog lovers and dog trainers. We seem to be a nation obsessed with dogs.

“This is an insight into the whole sub-culture, and also there will be a lot of cute dogs in it.”

Puppy Love has been written by and stars Jo Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine, who created Getting On, the BBC4 series starring Jo Brand about life on an NHS ward.

Allen said: “Puppy Love both celebrates and sends up the deeply held relationship between dogs and their owners. This is a real passion piece from Jo and Vicky who have yet again succeeded in creating a wonderful set of characters.”

He said of Count Arthur Strong: “The second series is committed because occasionally you have that alchemy of talent. I think it’s a great show with warm and accessible characters and full of big, big jokes.

“Some people will think ‘it’s not my thing’, but I definitely think it’s a quintessential BBC2 show and it might be something you see on BBC1 one day.”