The BBC has apologised for the confusion that marred the climax of its Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up show, Saturday night’s contest to find the UK’s representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Confirming that Scooch had won the competition, the corporation added, “This is live TV and unfortunately sometimes these things do happen.”

The blunder took place as the eventual winners Scooch and the other sing-off finalist Cyndi stood on the stage awaiting the final result. Co-hosts Terry Wogan and Fern Cotton simultaneously announced different winners – Terry declaring that Cyndi was victorious and Fern plumped for Scooch.

After a moment’s confusion, however, when both the solo singer and the group looked unsure of the result, the presenters announced that Scooch would be representing th UK in Finland.

Russ Spencer from Scooch put Terry’s gaffe down to the noise of the audience. “I just had a feeling that we’d won,” he said, “and then when he said Cyndi I thought, “no, there’s got to be a mistake,” and there was!

“It must have been in Terry’s earpiece. It was the noise of the crowd, I think, that made it difficult for him to hear.

“I feel sorry for Cyndi, though. Obviously it was a bit of a disappointment for her.”

Scooch’s high camp airline-themed song Flying The Flag (For You) will now represent the United Kingdom in the final in Helsinki on May 12.

VIDEO: Click here to view the Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up blunder