Award-winning comedy Rev is being resurrected for another series.

The show, which stars Tom Hollander as inner-city vicar Adam Smallbone and Olivia Colman as his wife, will be filmed next year and broadcast on BBC2 in 2014.

Producer Kenton Allen said: “Such is the brilliance of the Rev cast that getting everyone back together for further adventures is always challenging. But I’m delighted that we’ve managed to get Adam and his congregation back into church for what I hope will be an extraordinary third season of a show that is extremely special for all those involved.”

Rev won best sitcom at last year’s TV Bafta awards.

BBC2 controller Janice Hadlow said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have Rev back on the channel. It’s one of the real comedy jewels in BBC2’s crown.”

Tom has revealed he has become a church-goer since playing the beleaguered vicar in the hit show.

He said: “I believe in the idea of God now. Since doing Rev I believe in what the idea of God represents, but I can’t say anything more concrete than that.”