BBC investigation underway after bare breasts are shown on News At Ten

The BBC accidentally broadcast what is thought to be a sex scene on News At Ten last night (Tuesday, August 8), with eagle-eyed viewers spotting an explicit video being played on a computer screen in the background of a shot.

The incident was aired to around 3.8 million people and came during a segment about cricket.

While host Sophie Raworth was speaking to the camera, a computer screen behind her appears to show a clip of a woman taking her top and bra off to expose her breasts.

The origin of the clip is not yet known and online commenters can’t decide whether it is from a porn movie or a scene from a film.

A source has told The Sun: “This has gone down like a lead balloon at the BBC. It is totally unprofessional.”

They added: “It beggars belief a sex scene should be played live on air. The employee is on borrowed time when bosses catch up with him. You can’t get away with this sort of stuff any more.”

The BBC have issued a statement since, saying that they are investigating the incident and are ‘establishing the facts.’

The incident came just hours after a woman flashed her breast in the background of a live broadcast.

FROM: Our sister site, NME. Written by Luke Morgan Britton.

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