BBC news star Kate nearly dies after prawn salad

BBC News presenter Kate Silverton survived a severe allergic reaction she apparently had to eating some prawns.

The news presenter said she thought she was going to die as she suffered the anaphylactic shock, the Daily Mirror reports.

Kate apparently ate a prawn salad while picnicking at Royal Ascot and regretted it almost immediately.

“As I walked I started to cough – a tickle-like cough in the back of my throat. My eyes began to water and I bent over as the coughing fit took hold,” she said.

“My throat was constricting and I gasped for air. A sense of impending doom descended on me. I felt as though I would drown alive,” she added.

She said her friend luckily recognised the symptoms – as she suffers from a nut allergy – and administered a dose of adrenaline from the EpiPen she had in her bag.

“I was fortunate to be at an event such as Ascot where a large number of medical staff were on hand, to have my friends, whose quick thinking saved my life,” she told the paper.