BBC presenter Jeremy Vine stopped for speeding… on his bicycle (VIDEO)

Jeremy Vine has been stopped for speeding – after he was caught doing 16mph on his bike.

The Radio 2 presenter, a keen cyclist who commutes on two wheels, was pulled over after he was clocked on a speed gun in one of London’s royal parks this morning.

The broadcaster was travelling at more than three times the limit for the area although he said he had not seen any signs informing cyclists of the permitted speed.

Jeremy – who posted a film clip of the moment he was stopped online – said he received a ribbing when he got to the BBC’s New Broadcasting House.

He said: “When I got to the office and said I was radar-gunned at 16mph on my bicycle, producer said ‘you are living on the edge’.”

The midday show host told his followers on Twitter: “They said speed limit in Hyde Park is 5mph and I was doing 16mph. I apologised.”

One wag responded: “I bet Guy Martin will have a go at topping that.”

Another wrote: “For goodness sake – because that’s the real danger, cyclists on a path, not lorries on the road. Unbelievable.”


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