BBC rapped over Live Earth swearing

The BBC has been ordered to broadcast a statement of TV watchdog Ofcom’s findings over swearing broadcast before the watershed at last year’s Live Earth concert.

The penalty is one of the toughest sanctions to date against the BBC.

Viewers complained about six instances in which the “most offensive language” was broadcast, including motherf***** and variants of the word f***.

Ofcom has ordered its findings to be broadcast on BBC1 and BBC2.

Live Earth was broadcast live from Wembley as part of a seven-continent series of concerts on both channels on July 7 last year.

Ofcom said the breaches of the broadcasting code – on airing offensive language before the watershed – had been “serious and repeated”.

It has that the BBC had “failed to deploy effective and appropriate procedures to prevent the broadcast of the most offensive language”.

Ofcom had previously warned the BBC after offensive language was broadcast at another live music event, Live 8.

But the corporation failed to put a time delay on Live Earth on the basis that an event billed “as live” should be broadcast live.

Ofcom said that, in some cases, there was a “considerable delay” before the BBC broadcast an apology and some of the most offensive language was broadcast when children were likely to be in the audience on Saturday afternoon.

The watchdog said: “Ofcom considered that the BBC had not sufficiently taken into account Ofcom’s previous decisions in cases similar to Live Earth.”

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