The BBC is appealing for contestants for what looks to be a reboot of the Generation Game, hosted by Miranda Hart.

The comic was rumoured to be presenting a revived version of the hit show earlier this year, and the broadcaster has now put out a request for people who want to be contestants on a ‘New BBC show with Miranda Hart’.

An advert on the broadcaster’s website reads: “We’re looking for all types of family set-ups. This can be mother/father and children, nan, aunt, son and partner or could even include ‘Auntie Pat from down the road’… who is really just mum’s best friend from the bingo.

“When choosing your family/team please remember that we’re looking for teams of all ages with at least two generations and the team must also include both male and female contestants. The generations could be nan and grandson, mum and son’s partner Sue, or Great Uncle Bill and his niece Sarah.”

The Generation Game, previously fronted by hosts including Sir Bruce Forsyth and Jim Davidson, saw different generations of families set challenges in the hope of winning a raft of prizes.

Miranda played down reports of her hosting the new version earlier in the year.

At the time, BBC One controller Charlotte Moore told The Guardian: “It will be a modern reinvention of The Generation Game. Miranda will bring a very different flavour to it.

“Her wit and spirit behind it will naturally move it into the modern era. Miranda is brilliant at engaging with people, she loves that interaction. She’ll be brilliant.”

But Miranda tweeted: “Apparently it’s 100 per cent cert I am doing Gen Game. First I’ve heard of it. Mulling some ideas about it might be more accurate.”