BBC shows Blue Peter and Saturday Kitchen have come under fire from the corporation in a review of the recent premium rate phone-in scandal.

The report, by director-general Mark Thompson, found no evidence that the BBC had misused premium-rate phone lines on any of its shows.

However it highlighted “serious errors and breaches of regulations in relation to the ways that telephony had been used in a small number of cases”.

These included Blue Peter, which ran into trouble after a show last year in which children were misled into taking part in a phone-in competition they had no chance of winning.

A visiting child was brought in to pose as a fake competitor in the contest after callers were unable to get through due to a technical error.

Meanwhile, Saturday Kitchen was criticised for misleading its viewers into believing they were watching a live show when it was pre-recorded.

The report said the BBC had: “… fallen seriously short of what the public should rightly expect from it”.