Danny Baker has announced that his memoirs are being adapted for a new BBC comedy drama.

The broadcaster, who survived mouth and throat cancer and who currently hosts a show on Radio 5 Live, told the Daily Express that the BBC is adapting Going to Sea in a Sieve, the first instalment of his autobiography, which follows him from his childhood in south London to his first radio jobs in the early 1980s via writing on NME magazine. But he may not appear on screen himself.

“I’m making a TV show of the first book. It’ll be a comedy drama on the BBC and out later this year, but I’m not sure if I’m going to star in it myself yet,” says Danny, whose second autobiography Going Off Alarming is released in September and who has a third volume planned.

“I was supposed to do it last year, but making the TV show of the first one has taken up my time. The first book ends in 1980 and the next one is still in 1980. I can’t seem to leave the Eighties! I’m really the most undisciplined person. I can’t just wake up, have tea and sit down and write all day. I find it really difficult to write like that.”