BBC to screen Euro 2008 online

The BBC announced that it will stream all its live coverage of Euro 2008 online, despite neither England nor Scotland qualifying.

The Beeb’s director of sport Roger Mosey said despite the lack home nations involved, interest would remain high in the UK.

“We’re confident many millions of people will enjoy the tournament on BBC television, radio and online.”

Coverage of Euro 2008 in the UK will be shared between the BBC and ITV, but the BBC is the sole broadcaster of the final.

With players from the Premier League and Scotland’s SPL certain to feature, Mosey said the tournament was still a major draw for football fans.

“There’ll be plenty of familiar faces and some great matches in prospect,” he added.

The BBC will show the opening match of the tournament, between Switzerland and the Czech Republic at 5pm on June 7. The final will be shown live on BBC One on 29 June.

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