BBC Trust takes hardline on TV swearing

The BBC Trust has recommended swearing be completely banned on BBC One until after 10pm, while bad launguage should be bleeped or cut after the 9pm watershed.

In a wide-ranging investigation into standards following the Jonathan Ross-Russell Brand Radio 2 furore last year, TV viewers indicated they were fed up with bad language.

The Trust said a third of all viewers surveyed had spoken unprompted about their concerns over strong langauge on TV.

In its report it also called for new rules on ‘malicious intrusion, intimidation and humiliation’ by BBC staff, a clear reference to the Sachsgate scandal.

Both main BBC channels should now make greater efforts to warn viewers about potentially offensive content.

Shows which switch from BBC Two or the digital channels to BBC One should also be closely checked to make sure they still comply with the flagship channel’s ‘family audience’ remit.

The report said: “Of all the BBC services, BBC1 is the most sensitive, because of its ability to unite generations and families in shared viewing.

“The bar for the strongest language between 9pm and 10pm must therefore remain significantly higher than on other BBC television channels.”

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