BBC3 hands wedding control to the groom (VIDEO)

Bridezillas beware – a new reality TV show is set to hand over your big day exclusively to the groom when it comes to planning the wedding.

BBC Three’s Don’t Tell The Bride will see a string of hard-up couples handed the cash for their dream wedding with two big catches – only the groom can choose how to spend the money and the pair can’t see each other for a month until their big day.

A spokesman for the show said: “The pressure’s on for the groom to show his romantic side. With only his best mates as advisors, it’s up to the groom to choose everything from the venue to the ring. He also dictates the style and colour theme of the bridesmaid dresses and must pick what he feels is his bride’s dream dress.”

The brides will have no idea where they are getting married, or who’s invited and they will only get to see their dresses the day before the wedding, which might mean a few last-minute alterations.

The six young grooms, who range from nurses to apprentice builders, will be under pressure to keep the budget on track and try not to be swayed by wacky suggestions from their mates.

The spokesman added: “The series chronicles the excitement, drama, and the inevitable moments of humour, as each groom negotiates and at times struggles with the planning.”

Don’t Tell the Bride starts on BBC Three in November.

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