Bear Grylls to host the most gruelling survival show EVER!

This is going to be intense

Bear Grylls is set to host one of the most insane reality TV shows ever made.

The adventurer is working on “the ultimate expedition challenge” for Amazon Prime, which will see 60 teams from across the planet race through Fiji.

Titled World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, the 10-part series will follow crews of four from 30 countries as they scramble non-stop across 417 miles of rugged backcountry terrain.

Techniques such as canyoneering, paddle boarding, mountain biking and rappelling will be used as the competitors trek through jungles and mountains, as well as oceans, in a race to the finish line.

But if any member of the team decides to quit or is unable to complete the race, the whole group suffers – resulting in disqualification.

Bear Grylls: Born Survivor<br>Monday 6 June at 09.00pm<br>Discovery Channel<br><br>The former SAS man starts his latest series of life-threatening challenges with a trip to the Canadian Rockies...

According to Radio Times, the competitors include a team of 28-year-old sisters from India who are racing for gender equality, a team of scouts from Australia, four adventurers from the UK, and a team of Wounded Warriors who served in the US armed forces.

Bear said in a statement: “The Fiji course is truly epic. It’s incredibly demanding and will force our competitors far out of their comfort zone as they race against themselves, their competitors and the fiercest elements of Mother Nature.

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“Only the teams that work together can ever hope of making it to the finish line.”

The Eco-Challenge TV property was established back in 1995, with the original series running for seven years in America. This was instead based in the Utah desert as opposed to Fiji.

Creator of the original, Mark Burnett, added: “Challenging oneself in the outdoors is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago when Eco-Challenge began. It’s the ultimate test of human spirit, teamwork and honouring our planet.”

The series is set to launch on Amazon Prime video in 2020.