He may be one of the world’s biggest stars, but even David Beckham admits he sometimes gets star-struck.

The football legend, who lives in Los Angeles with wife Victoria and their three sons, told This Morning: “If I’m in a coffee shop, a Starbucks or Coffee Bean and you know you see someone by you buying a coffee and you’re thinking, ‘Is that who I think it is?’ and you don’t want to look and be a fan but you can’t help it. I’m always star-struck by famous people.”

Clearly, he got over it in the case of his mate Tom Cruise.

He also revealed to This Morning that one of the main reasons Posh decided to star in the Spice Girls’ comeback was for their three boys – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Becks explained: “[Brooklyn] can’t remember, I think you know Victoria says, ‘All our boys know what daddy does, he plays football in front of all these people but they have never seen what mummy used to do,’ and so that was one of the reasons why she wanted to do it and it will be amazing, all the boys are going to love it, especially Romeo, Romeo is the performer in our family, he is going to be the next Justin Timberlake hopefully. He is going to be the performer.