Ben Fogle talks about his African adventure with royalty in Sky1’s Prince William’s Africa (Wednesday, October 20)…

So what is this about the fact you and the Prince look alike?
“We talked about it when we were out there and we both rolled our eyes. For years and years I’ve always been mistaken for him and people say to me, ‘Hello your highness’, which I find hilarious! But it’s only because we’ve both got quite long faces – that’s probably treasonous to say that!”

What was the whole experience like for you?
“I feel incredibly privileged and very humbled that I was given that opportunity. I really hope that people will see a side of William that they haven’t seen before. I certainly think you do as I think you get an impression of a completely normal 28-year-old who has come to terms with his extraordinary life.”

What did you talk about?
“In the documentary he talks about everything from the media effect on his private life to the fact that he couldn’t go to Afghanistan despite really wanting to go. He was very honest and that surprised me because I thought he might have watched what he said a little bit more, but I think that just goes to show the sort of character he is.”

What about the part of the trip when Edward joined his brother?
“There was some great banter between them. I remember the press coverage of it said, ‘William and Harry flew off to their luxury camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta’. Well, the ‘luxury camp’ was actually about as basic as you can get. They used holes in the ground to go to the loo, they slept in tents, we ate outside under the stars, and William helped make the tea in the morning.”