The Armstrong & Miller star tells What’s on TV about his new BBC1 crime drama, Death in Paradise (Tuesday, 9pm), set in the Caribbean…

You play a Scotland Yard cop in Death in Paradise…
“Yes, it’s an eight-part series and it starts off with a British detective getting murdered on this little Caribbean island called Sainte Marie. My character, DI Richard Poole, gets sent out to investigate.”

Sounds like a dream job, but Poole doesn’t see it that way, does he?
“He hates it! He hates the sun and he’s completely baffled by the Caribbean culture.”

Is he a good detective?
“He’s not so good with people, but he’s brilliant at solving problems. The mystery that needs to be solved in this first episode is that there’s a panic room at a very large, well-to-do house and when it’s opened up, the policeman is found shot dead inside. The riddle is, where’s the killer?”

Where was the series filmed?
“In Guadeloupe, which doubles for Sainte Marie. Of course, when I was offered the part I immediately googled Guadeloupe and up came 20 pictures of golden beaches and palm trees. I just thought, ‘Is this some kind of wind-up?’ It was absolutely amazing.”

Your five-year-old son spent some time on the island as well, didn’t he?
“Yes, Sonny [Ben’s son with ex-wife and former Primeval star, Belinda Stewart-Wilson] came out a couple of times and absolutely loved it. In fact, he was running around on the beach, shouting, ‘I love it here! I love it here! I love it here!’ But he’s just learning how to swim and getting him to go into the water was a Herculean task!”