Benidorm’s Jake Canuso promises his new BBC1 comedy Scarborough is just as funny

From Benidorm to Scarborough and Jake says expect lots of laughs!

Benidorm legend Jake Canuso has promised that new BBC1 comedy Scarborough, which is by the man who created Benidorm, is just as funny.

Jake, who played Mateo in Benidorm before the comedy ended last year, stars alongside ex-Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley and comedian Jason Manford in Scarborough, which starts on Friday.

Scarborough starring Jason Manford and Catherine Tyldesley

Jason and Catherine star in Scarborough

And, as it’s penned by Benidorm writer Derren Litten, Jake reckons viewers are in for plenty of laughs.

“I think they can expect another genuinely funny show with instantly classic characters like Derren’s last show Benidorm, except this time he has given this new series a completely different feel and pace, I genuinely think it’s some of his best work to date,” he said.

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The 49-year-old star goes on to talk about his character in the new comedy.

“I play Tony Peroni, he thinks he is head of the Scarborough Mafia but of course there isn’t one, he’s just a small time business man who came over from Italy when he was 16 to run his uncle’s failing ice cream parlour – he just never went back home.”

And Jake revealed that filming the series was great fun, including meeting up again with Claire Sweeney, who was also in Benidorm.

“I loved working with all of the cast, they are amazing. Claire Sweeney, I knew from Benidorm so it was great to hear she was playing my girlfriend.

“Jason and Catherine are lovely, we all had a great night out during the last week of filming and enjoyed everything Scarborough has to offer from great night life to my favourite, scampi and chips! My only regret was having no scenes with Stephanie Cole, she is a legend!

So, had Jake been to Scarborough before?

“I’d never visited Scarborough before and I genuinely wasn’t prepared for how beautiful a place it is. It is so quaint with lots of independent shops and cafes, I absolutely loved my time there and I can’t wait to go back.”

Scarborough, featuring Jake Canuso, begins on BBC1 this Friday at 9.30pm.