Benidorm star Kenny Ireland thought the hit ITV comedy was a potential one-series wonder, like the BBC’s short-lived Spanish-set soap Eldorado.

Kenny told What’s on TV exclusively: “I almost didn’t get the job because I said to the show’s writer Derren Litten: ‘I hope this isn’t going to be like Eldorado!’ But I felt the writing was wonderful and Donald and Jacqueline do get some of the best lines. I think for the first time ever for a comedy, Benidorm went straight from an idea to being commissioned very quickly, and whoever was responsible had all the right comedy instincts. 

“Filming Benidorm is like a big holiday. All your friends want to come out and visit! My grandchildren came out this time around which was great. There are fans everywhere, who are glad to meet you everywhere you go.”

In this Thursday’s episode, Benidorm holidaymakers Donald (Kenny) and Jacqueline (Janine Druvitski) go from swingers to ‘jumpers’.

Dressed in tight blue Lycra and special ‘jumping shoes’, they take on teens Tiger Dyke (Danny Walters) and Michael Garvey (Oliver Stokes) in a volleyball game by the Solana pool. With their extra lift, they prove a formidable pair…

“We’re always the ones to do ridiculous things in Benidorm, and we love that aspect of Donald and Jacqueline,” says Scottish actor Kenny, who’s played Donald from the very first episode. 

“In the final episode of the series, we’ve got some great scenes with the Krankies and Rustie Lee,” says Kenny. “I’d never worked with them before, but I used to watch them years ago.”