Benidorm’s Robin Askwith: ‘Gary scams everyone!’

Most people visit Benidorm for the sun and sangria – but new boy Gary’s there for entirely different reasons, as Robin Askwith explains…

How did your role in Benidorm come about?

“Writer Derren Litten was desperate for someone who could play a blonde-haired wide boy in the style of Robin Askwith – not realising I was around. The character’s great – he was brilliant to play!”

Tell us a bit about your character, Gary…

“Gary’s a wide boy who’s always got some sort of scam going on but, of course, has an enormous amount of charm. It’s because he’s so cheeky and charming that he gets away with everything.”

We understand that Gary works his way round the entire Solana Resort?

“Gary scams everyone! First, he convinces Mel to get involved in a ‘business’ of buying houses off little old ladies for £60,000 to sell on for £250,000. Then he tricks swingers Donald and Jacqueline into giving him their mobile phones.”

Anyone else?

“He also cons barman, Mateo, out of 100 Euros with a card trick. Gary just can’t help himself – people just get lured in by him.”

Are all these petty crimes part of a much bigger plan?

“Gary is working with someone already at the resort on a master scam to rob everyone at the Solana.”

Does he get away with it?

“Well, he’s never technically caught. I do hope the public connects with Gary, so that I can come back for the next series!”

You’re best known for your role as Timmy Lea in the saucy Confessions… films. Is Gary anything like Timmy?

“This guy’s much more clued up than Timmy – but I do end up in a lift being naughty with Sheridan Smith!”

*Benidorm screens on Fridays on ITV1 at 9pm (except Scotland)*

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