What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Monday 29th January

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Monday 29th January

Silent Witness, 9.00pm, BBC1

It’s a sign of the times that any road traffic accident involving a van or lorry and pedestrians is considered a potential act of terrorism. However, in the case of the car crash that opens this week’s topical two-parter, it seems the truck driver was blameless while the female driver of the car he hit was under the influence of drugs. As the trail leads to a care home where her son Kevin (pictured above) lives, and there are suspicions of abuse by staff, the case stirs up painful emotions and memories for Clarissa. Rating: ****

Winterwatch, 9.00pm, BBC2

Winterwatch Team

Little daylight, animals in hibernation, poor weather… These are just a few problems faced by Winterwatch but, let’s face it, it’s fun when live TV goes a bit wonky. Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham return to host from Sherborne Park in Gloucestershire, where Martin Hughes-Games reports on bat and red kite roosts, while Gillian Burke is on Islay in Scotland searching for otters and golden eagles. We’re also looking forward to Chris and Martin’s “Game of Crows”. What could go wrong with a raven and crow competing in a series of tests? Well, “murder” is the latter’s collective noun! Continues tomorrow. Rating: ****

Next of Kin, 9.00pm, ITV

Next of Kin

After a night in a cell, Mona has had time to reflect on her brother Kareem’s murder and her nephew Danny’s apparent link to a terrorist cell. Agreeing to help British counter-terrorism, Mona signs the official secrets act. But this means Mona can’t explain herself to husband Guy, who is furious she stole £12,000 from his business account to help Danny escape! Meanwhile, Danny’s family ask themselves – is Danny a terrorist? Rating: ****

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