Strictly Come Dancing celebrity Michelle Williams has said that her former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyonce could well turn up to lend her support.

The singer – who is tipped to do well with her professional partner Brendan Cole – said that she hoped her former bandmates, who also include singer Kelly Rowland, would support her.

“I hope they get to sneak in and sit up there somewhere or at least be backstage,” she said.

“I want my girls to be here, you know, we support each other and we are always on our Blackberries talking to each other and encouraging each other on our individual projects.”

Meanwhile fellow contestant Ann Widdecombe has revealed that she was inspired to take to the dancefloor following John Sergeant’s success on the show in 2008.

“I said no year after year,” she admitted, “then along came John Sergeant and I thought the one thing he demonstrated was that you really can do this programme at your own pace and not have to turn into a semi-professional which is how I had previously viewed the programme.

The MP added that she and her dance partner Anton du Beke were “very ambitious”.

“We’re not quitting,” she said. “We may end up eliminated but we’re not quitting.”