Big Bang goes bigger with Star Wars episode

The hit sitcom Big Bang Theory is to mark “Star Wars Day” with a themed episode.

The American comedy, screened on E4, will join forces with Lucasfilm for the special, titled The Proton Transmogrification, to tie in with the annual May 4 celebration.

The show’s co-creator Chuck Lorre told The Hollywood Reporter: “We were approached by the Lucasfilm people to do something to celebrate Star Wars Day, which was nice.”

Emmy-winning actor Bob Newhart will reprise his role as Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) childhood idol Professor Proton, who appears to Sheldon as his own Jedi master.

The crew consulted and teamed up with a group of special effects technicians from Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic to re-create Dagobah – the remote world of swamps and forest that served as a refuge for Yoda during his exile – and provide props for the episode, including a light sabre.

“They’re excited about everything we’re doing, and they’re going to help us with the special effects. Bob is going to be swinging a light sabre around and they sent us a real one to use. They’re going to help make it look and sound right. It’s an amazing crossover for us,” said producer Steve Molaro.

Lucasfilm visual effects guru Eddie Pasquarello, who acted as the show’s Star Wars consultant, said: “Everyone loves the show and to have the tie-in to May 4 felt like a good synergy and marriage. We jumped at it.”

The Star Wars-themed episode will air on US screens on May 1, before it is shown on E4 later this year.

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