Big Brother 13 kicks off with 16 new housemates

The new series of Big Brother has kicked off on Channel 5 with 16 new housemates who include a porn star, a former LA gangster, the UK’s current Miss India and the fiancee of pop star Andy Scott-Lee.

The 16 housemates – who range in age from 20 to 41 – entered the new Big Brother house on Tuesday night – only to be faced with a twist just minutes later which will see one of them leaving the house by Friday.

The first person into the house was 23-year-old beauty queen Deana Uppal – who is the current Miss India UK – who was swiftly followed by 23-year-old male model Arron Lowe, a former footballer and martial arts expert.

Next came the youngest housemate, 20-year-old Caroline Wharram from Surrey, followed by former Playboy Bunny Shievonne Robinson, who is 28 and from South London.

24-year-old Northern Irish lad Conor McIntyre followed, along with 20-year-old Lauren Carre (pictured), who is originally from Jersey and grew up on a farm, and South African-born chef Luke Anderson, 31 – who surprised viewers by revealing that he was born a girl.

Next in was 27-year-old Adam Kelly, who was born in Burton-on-Trent but grew up in Los Angeles where he became caught up in gang culture and spent time behind bars. The reformed character is now a mentor for young people.

He was followed by Scottish model Sara McLean, 22 – who entered the house in an eye-catching gold minidress – and 21-year-old history student Scott Mason, from Macclesfield.

And Essex girl Ashleigh Hughes, 20, who followed them into the house, turned the air blue after revealing her penchant for swearing, and promptly dropped some choice language on live TV for which presenter Brian Dowling was later forced to apologise.

The remaining housemates included club promoter Luke Scrase, 24, from Stoke-On-Trent, dancer Lydia Louisa – who is engaged to pop star Andy Scott-Lee, doorman Chris James, 21, from Luton, and Benedict Garrett – a teacher turned stripper and porn star whose professional name is Johnny Anglais.

The 32-year-old hit the headlines last year after facing a disciplinary hearing when pupils at the East London school where he taught saw him in a trailer for an adult film.

The final housemate to join the line-up was also the oldest, 41-year-old model Victoria Eisermann from Berkshire – who entered the house clutching a cuddly toy which was thrown to her by a member of the crowd.

However the 16 had been in the house mere minutes when faced with an unexpected twist which saw Deana – as the first person to enter the house – having to nominate three housemates for the first eviction of the series on Friday, while she herself was immune from eviction.

Despite having said before going into the house she could handle the twist, she appeared awkward and nervous, as she hesitantly nominated Conor, Victoria and Lydia to face the public vote.

One of them will leave the house on Friday night – but unbeknown to the housemates they will be replaced by a ‘wild card’ housemate who will be voted in by the public.

The three ‘wild cards’ candidates were shown on a special preview programme before the main Big Brother launch show – and were revealed as wacky student Rebecca, flute-playing Doctor Who fan Anthony, and flamboyant Indian-born receptionist Bhavesh.

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