Big Brother faces bullying accusations

Big Brother housemate Conor McIntyre is faced with bullying accusations following row with fellow housemate Deana Uppal that has sparked 1000 complaints to Ofcom.

After Deana failed to complete an eating task set by Big Brother, Conor lost his temper with her, launching a verbal attack on her to the housemates.

The 24-year-old from Derry fumed: “For f*** sake Deana, eat it!” He later launched into a rant about the beauty queen.

Hundreds of viewers complained to TV watchdog Ofcom following the comments that Conor made in Monday’s show, after Deana confessed she felt “bullied.”

An anti-violence organisation have gone as far as to say Conor should be permanently removed from the Big Brother house. Holly Dustin, director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition argued that: “Merely giving Conor McIntyre a ticking off in the diary room sends a very harmful message to young people that abusive behaviour towards women is entertainment and not very serious.”

She continued to say: “It is highly irresponsible of Channel 5 and the makers of Big Brother not to have immediately removed Conor McIntyre from the house, but to leave a woman in a confined space with someone who has made threats of physical and sexual violence against her.”

After the incident Conor was called to the Diary Room and reprimanded by Big Brother.

Channel 5 released a statement clarifying: “Conor’s behaviour was not condoned by Big Brother or any of the housemates. Having spoken to Conor, and bearing in mind our duty of care to the other housemates, we are satisfied that he should continue to participate in the programme.”

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