Big Brother tops TV complaint table for 2014!

Big Brother was the most complained about show of the year, according to figures from communications watchdog Ofcom.

It received 3,784 complaints about the reality show, which is broadcast on Channel 5, with another 1,874 about its sister show Celebrity Big Brother.

Many of the complaints about the main show centred on the behaviour of its eventual winner, Helen Wood, who was accused of bullying other contestants.

Helen, who achieved a measure of notoriety when she reportedly had an affair with England footballer Wayne Rooney, admitted she had been “out of order” on several occasions in the house but said she was only defending herself.

Viewers also complained to Ofcom about the antics of Hollywood star Gary Busey in the celebrity version of Big Brother.

The eccentric actor – like Helen – clashed with other contestants on his way to winning the show.

Other programmes that attracted viewer disapproval included a Channel 4 documentary about dog fighting, the same channel’s controversial documentary series Benefits Street and The X Factor.

Three soap operas, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders, also feature in the top 10 along with Channel 4 News.

Many of the Coronation Street complaints centred around a gay kiss between two characters, while viewers objected to a rape scene in EastEnders.

A single Sky News broadcast, in which reporter Colin Brazier was seen picking through the belongings of victims of the MH17 air disaster in Ukraine, also features in the top 10 having attracted 205 complaints.

The veteran reporter apologised two days after the live broadcast, writing in the Guardian he said he had made “a serious error of judgment”.

Top 10 most complained about TV programmes in 2014:

1. Big Brother – Channel 5 – 3,784 complaints

2. Celebrity Big Brother – Channel 5 – 1,874 complaints

3. Cutting Edge: Going to the Dogs – Channel 4 – 1,805 complaints

4. Benefits Street – Channel 4 – 967 complaints

5. Coronation Street – ITV – 367 complaints

6. The X Factor – ITV – 360 complaints

7. EastEnders – BBC 1 – 316 complaints

8. Emmerdale – ITV – 243 complaints

9. Sky News (20/07/14) – 205 complaints

10. Channel 4 News – 193 complaints