1. District 9
  2. Illegal aliens… A bureaucrat’s attempts to relocate a stranded alien species from a refugee camp in Johannesburg go awry in this Peter (Lord of the Rings) Jackson produced sci-fi.


  3. The Final Destination
  4. End is nigh… This fourth instalment of the horror movie franchise follows a group of friends who cheat death by escaping a race track disaster. But Death soon sets out to collect those who evaded their end!

  5. Dorian Gray
  6. Young at heart… Adapted from Oscar Wilde’s 1891 novel, this British drama follows a young man who somehow retains his youthful beauty, while his portrait reveals the ugliness of his soul.

  7. Sorority Row
  8. Killer thriller… This teen horror follows five sorority girls who inadvertently cause the murder of one of their ‘sisters’, only to discover that they are being stalked by a serial killer.

  9. (500) Days of Summer
  10. Heart of the matter… This American rom-com sees a young man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) fall for a woman (Zooey Deschanel), who doesn’t believe in true love.

  11. Julie & Julia
  12. Chop, chop… Director Nora Ephron’s comedy-drama sees Meryl Streep as charismatic American chef, Julia Child, and Amy Adams as Julie Powell, the young internet blogger who set out to cook all 524 recipes from Child’s cookbook during a single year.

  13. Inglorious Basterds
  14. Bloody battle… Set in Nazi-occupied France during World War Two, Quentin Tarantino’s revenge movie follows a group of Jewish-American guerrilla soldiers as they attempt to spread fear through the Third Reich.

  15. Aliens in the Attic
  16. Little Green Men… A group of youngsters (including High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale) attempt to protect their vacation home from invading aliens.

  17. Funny People
  18. Bright side of life… This comedy-drama sees Adam Sandler as a terminally ill comedian who forms an unlikely bond with a fellow comic.

  19. Adventureland
  20. Funfair… Twilight’s Kristen Stewart stars in this Eighties-set comedy-drama about youthful misadventures at an amusement park.