Big Screen – This week’s top ten at the cinema…

  1. Four Christmases
  2. Festive fun..? Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon play a married couple forced to visit all four of their divorced parents in one day.

  3. Quantum of Solace
  4. Secret service… Bond’s latest mission takes him to Austria, Italy and South America on the trail of a shady environmentalist. It also gives him a chance to show off his running and jumping skills.

  5. Changeling
  6. Child scare… Clint Eastwood’s period thriller stars Angelina Jolie as a mother convinced the boy returned to her is not her missing son.

  7. Body of Lies
  8. Undercover operation… Leonardo DiCaprio plays a special agent set on infiltrating a terrorist network.

  9. My Best Friend’s Girl
  10. Three’s a crowd… A lovelorn guy asks his friend to take a pretty work colleague on a bad date in the hope that it will show her what a catch he really is. Confused, anyone?

  11. High School Musical 3
  12. Lessons in love… Troy and Gabriella face up to the prospect of being separated after graduating. Plus, they sing and dance.

  13. What Just Happened
  14. Movie madness… This star-studded satire follows a fading Hollywood producer as he struggles to make his new film.

  15. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
  16. Quick buck… Debt-ridden friends, Zack and Miri, shoot a homemade porn film to make some money. The result is hit and miss. Literally.

  17. Quarantine
  18. Neighbours from hell… A television reporter is locked inside a building in which the residents have caught a mysterious virus. They also want to eat her. Features screaming.

  19. Max Payne
  20. Game on… A cop and a female assassin come together to solve a series of murders in New York in this video game adaptation.

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