Big Screen – this week’s top ten at the cinema…

  1. Battle: Los Angeles
  2. Space invaders… This explosive sci-fi action thriller follows a marine platoon as they mount a final stand against an alien invasion.


  3. Rango
  4. Karma chameleon… This Gore Verbinski-helmed animation features the vocal talents of Johnny Depp as a chameleon accidentally drawn to help the residents of the water-starved Wild West town of Dirt.

  5. Unknown
  6. Identity crisis… Liam Neeson stars in this dark thriller about a man who wakes from a coma to find that his identity has been taken from him.

  7. The Adjustment Bureau
  8. Dangerous liaison… Matt Damon and Emily Blunt play lovers on the run from mysterious forces in this fast-paced thriller.

  9. Hall Pass
  10. Extramarital activities… The Farrelly Brothers (There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber) direct this comedy about two wives who take a bold approach to revitalising their marriages – granting their husbands, who are best friends, a “hall pass” to do whatever they want for a week.

  11. The King’s Speech
  12. Royal appointment… Colin Firth leads the cast of this period drama about the unorthodox relationship between King George VI and the speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush) set on helping him to overcome his debilitating stammer.

  13. Paul
  14. Out of this world… Simon Pegg and Nick Frost head the cast of this sci-fi comedy about two British comic book nerds who encounter a wise-cracking alien as they journey across the U.S.

  15. Gnomeo & Juliet
  16. Wrong side of the fence… James McAvoy and Emily Blunt voice two garden gnomes in this animated spin on Shakespeare’s classic tale of star-crossed lovers.

  17. Fair Game
  18. Political maneuvering… A covert CIA agent (Naomi Watts) fears for her life when her status is revealed to the world after her husband (Sean Penn) writes a critique of the Bush administration.

  19. West is West
  20. Family matters… This comedy-drama sequel to 1999’s East is East is set in 1975, four years after its predecessor, with George Khan determined to set his teenage son Sajid on the right track with a visit to Pakistan.

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