Big Screen – this week’s top ten at the cinema…

  1. Hop
  2. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed… Blending animation and live action, this Easter-themed family comedy follows the Easter Bunny’s offspring as he heads to Hollywood in the hope of becoming a drummer in a rock ‘n’ roll band!


  3. Source Code
  4. Mission impossible… Duncan Jones (Moon) directs this sci-fi thriller about a soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal) who finds himself on an extraordinary mission – reliving the last eight minutes of a dead man’s life in order to avert a looming tragedy.

  5. Limitless
  6. Full potential… Bradley Cooper knows no bounds in this fantasy thriller about a struggling writer who discovers a revolutionary new drug that gives him superhuman abilities.

  7. Sucker Punch
  8. Mind games… This action fantasy journeys into the mind of a young woman, who – desperate to escape the grim reality of her life – retreats into an imaginary world.

  9. The Eagle
  10. Treacherous terrain… Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void) directs this historical epic about a young Russian soldier determined to recover the lost golden emblem of his father’s legion.

  11. A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures
  12. Water world… Melanie Griffith, Dominic Cooper and Gemma Arterton lend their voices to this family animation, which charts the epic journey of an adventurous sea turtle.

  13. Rango
  14. Karma chameleon… This Gore Verbinski-helmed animation features the vocal talents of Johnny Depp as a chameleon accidentally drawn to help the residents of the water-starved Wild West town of Dirt.

  15. Unknown
  16. Identity crisis… Liam Neeson stars in this dark thriller about a man who wakes from a coma to find that his identity has been taken from him.

  17. Anuvahood
  18. Street life… This urban coming-of-age story follows a youngster who quits his job at a supermarket and vows to become a respected gangster!

  19. The Lincoln Lawyer
  20. Turning a corner… Matthew McConaughey steers this thriller about a fast-taking lawyer who – while running his business from the backseat of his car – gets a big break defending a rich youngster.

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