Big Screen – this week’s top ten at the cinema…

  1. The Inbetweeners Movie
  2. Brits abroad… School’s out – and over – for the four unlikely pals from Rudge Park Comprehensive and to celebrate they head to Malia, Crete, for a holiday they’ll soon want to forget!


  3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  4. Monkey see, monkey do… This reboot of the classic movie franchise sees super-smart simian Caesar leading his fellow brutalised primates in an urban uprising.

  5. One Day
  6. Keeping time… This adaptation of David Nicholls’ bestselling novel follows two characters (played by Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess) on one date – 15 July – over successive years.

  7. The Smurfs
  8. True blue… The little blue stars of the 1980 kids’ animation series get a big-screen outing in this family comedy starring Hank Azaria and Neil Patrick Harris.

  9. Bodyguard
  10. Dangerous liaison… This Hindi action romance, a remake of a 2010 Malayalam hit, sees the daughter of a wealthy nobleman fall in love with her bodyguard.

  11. Final Destination 5
  12. Grim reaper… The fifth instalment of the horror franchise sees a new group trying to cheat Death after surviving a suspension-bridge collapse.

  13. Fright Night
  14. Long in the tooth… This remake of Tom Holland’s cult 1985 US horror stars Colin Farrell as a vampire who brings terror to an American suburb and Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin as the suspicious teenager who lives next door to him.

  15. Apollo 18
  16. Dark side of the Moon… Using supposedly found footage, this sci-fi horror follows two astronauts on a secret mission on the Moon… and reveals why that mission was abandoned!

  17. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  18. Dazzling dénouement… The blockbusting fantasy franchise comes to an end as Harry has a final face-off with his nemesis, Lord Voldemort, as the forces of good at Hogwarts battle against the sinister Death Eaters.

  19. Cowboys & Aliens
  20. Wild West… Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford head the cast of Jon Favreau’s sci-fi Western, which sees the residents of a desert town in an epic showdown with alien invaders!

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