Big Screen – this week’s top ten at the cinema…

  1. Men in Black III
  2. Galaxy defenders… Agent J (Will Smith) sets out to rewrite history and save his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from a grisly death at the hands of a time-travelling alien in the latest instalment of this sci-fi franchise.


  3. The Dictator
  4. Desperate despot… Borat and Bruno star Sacha Baron Cohen mixes comedy and controversy again in his latest big-screen outing, this time as the tyrant Admiral General Aladeen.

  5. Avengers Assemble
  6. Team effort… Joss Whedon unites some of Marvel’s most noteworthy superheroes to save Earth from a deadly onslaught launched by Thor’s adoptive brother, Loki.

  7. What to Expect When You’re Expecting
  8. Practical parenting… An ensemble cast – including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Morrison and Dennis Quaid – play five interconnected, expectant couples in this US comedy about pregnancy and childbirth. Look out for Cheryl Cole’s cameo as a TV talent show judge!

  9. Dark Shadows
  10. Grave tidings… Serial collaborators Tim Burton and Johnny Depp join forces again for this camp vamp fantasy about a 200-year-old bloodsucker and his dysfunctional descendants.

  11. American Pie: Reunion
  12. Last slice… Nine years on from their last big-screen outing, the original American Pie characters get together for a raucous school reunion. Expect sexual shenanigans and drunken debauchery.

  13. Moonrise Kingdom
  14. Search party… Wes Anderson’s latest oddball ensemble comedy follows a pair of lovestruck youngsters, who flee their town and are searched for by members of their local community.

  15. The Raid
  16. Fierce fighting… This manic martial arts action movie from Indonesia sees a SWAT team engage in a brutal battle with the henchmen of a drugs baron.

  17. Beauty and the Beast
  18. Tale as old as time… Disney’s beloved 1991 animation, charting the unlikely relationship between plucky Belle and the cursed Beast, returns to cinema screens in 3D.

  19. Iron Sky
  20. Space invaders… This outlandish Finnish sci-fi sees Moon-based Nazi Germans building a space fleet and plotting to conquer Earth.

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