Big Screen – this week’s top ten at the cinema…

  1. The Dark Knight Rises
  2. Fight or flight… Christopher Nolan draws his blockbuster Batman trilogy to a close, pitting the vilified Caped Crusader against muscular foe Bane in a battle for Gotham City.


  3. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
  4. Mammoth adventure… The fourth installment of the animated franchise sees the paleolithic pals embarking on another adventure after their continent is set adrift.

  5. The Amazing Spider-Man
  6. Tangled web… Andrew Garfield slips into the famous red and blue suit vacated by Tobey Maguire to play the titular web-slinging superhero in this fantasy franchise reboot.

  7. Magic Mike
  8. Bare essentials… A seasoned male stripper (Channing Tatum) shows a young protégé (Alex Pettyfer) the ropes in this revealing comedy-drama.

  9. The Five-Year Engagement
  10. Wedding woes… Jason Segel and Emily Blunt’s nuptials are delayed by a series of unexpected events in this romcom from Bridesmaids’ producer Judd Apatow.

  11. Cocktail
  12. Opposites attract… Two young women, Meera and Veronica, with very different outlooks become housemates in London in this Bollywood comedy.

  13. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  14. Road to nowhere… With humanity soon to be wiped out by an impending collision with a giant asteroid, an insurance salesman (Steve Carell) and his neighbour (Keira Knightley) embark on a road trip.

  15. Men in Black III
  16. Galaxy defenders… Agent J (Will Smith) sets out to rewrite history and save his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from a grisly death at the hands of a time-travelling alien in the latest instalment of the blockbusting sci-fi franchise.

  17. Prometheus
  18. Space race… Ridley Scott journeys back into the Alien universe for his return to sci-fi, this time following a team of explorers who encounter a sinister threat.

  19. Katy Perry: Part of Me
  20. California Gurl… This fly-on-the-wall documentary chronicles the chaotic life of the singer who kissed a girl and liked it.

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