King of the Jungle, Christopher Biggins, tells us all about new show Quiz Trippers…

Quiz Trippers is a new show that throws together a team of five strangers in a camper van and gets them to enter pub quizzes across Scotland in a bid to win cash.

Narrated by King of the Jungle, Christopher Biggins, the team must survive on basic food rations and, in a twist, only one member will walk away with the winnings at the end of the week.

We spoke to Biggins about how he’d cope in a mobile home – and which celebs he’d have on his fantasy pub quiz team…

You provide the voiceover for new show Quiz Trippers, which sees a pub quiz team travel Scotland to take on local teams. Was it fun to film?
“We laughed so much we had to go back and start the recording again. It was very funny. They were so bad.”

What would be your specialist subject in a pub quiz?
“I would say geography is a rather a good subject for me. I’ve been to a lot of places so I’m quite knowledgeable. I’m not very good at maths though.”

How do people react when they see you down the pub?
“People are very nice to me. I’m very lucky and it’s nice to talk to people. I even get bought a couple of drinks.”

How would you cope living in a camper van for a whole week like the Quiz Trippers?
“I would loathe it. I went on caravan holidays with my family and you used to wake up damp from the condensation. We used to live in a caravan in Salisbury when I was younger. My parents didn’t have a house and my mother and father worked at the hotel so we had a caravan in the grounds of the hotel. It was hideous.”

Who would be on your fantasy celebrity quiz team?
“I would have John Major for politics and history and Joan Collins for entertainment. I would go for the Queen because I think she’d be quite knowledgeable and Sebastian Coe for sport. We’d be called the Bossy Bigginses!”

Quiz Trippers is showing at 5pm weekdays from Monday June 11 on Channel 4.