Birds of a Feather returning?

Hit 1990s sitcom Birds of a Feather could be set for a surprise comeback, according to Pauline Quirke.

Pauline, who played downbeat Sharon Theodopolopoudos on the show, says the time might be ripe for another series – so long as the storylines are good enough.

She told The Mirror: “People remember Birds of a Feather so fondly because it didn’t tail off at the end; the standard of the scripts didn’t deteriorate.

“We’d be keen to maintain that standard. None of us would want to make a new series that was below standard. I’d rather stay at home doing the housework.”

At the height of its fame, Birds regularly attracted 15 million viewers.

The series ended in 1998 after 101 episodes and 10 years, with the three women – Sharon, sister Tracey (Linda Robson) and maneater Dorien (Lesley Joseph) – forced to move out of their swish Chigwell homes when they ran out of money.

Now Pauline has her own suggestion for how a new show might play out: “How about three old girls in a nursing home, talking around a table?” she told the newspaper. “If we leave it much longer, it might come to that…”

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