Birthday boy Bruce still gets a work high (PHOTOS)

Bruce Forsyth insists it’s his work that keeps him going.

The legendary entertainer – who’s celebrating his 80th birthday today (Friday) – claims he can party all night on the high of filming a TV show.

Bruce said: “Adrenalin is a marvellous thing. I wish I could go out and buy some, but it comes from nowhere.

“Whenever you do a show, always for two hours afterwards I’m still up there, I’m still in that frame of mind. And someone can say, ‘Do me a tap dance’, or, ‘Tell me a joke’, and I’ll do anything. Because that’s what adrenalin does for you. The adrenalin rush takes me two hours to get over. And then I start to fade and I start to go down hill and I have to shut my eyes.”

The TV presenter – whose 50-year-old Puerto Rican wife Wilnelia Merced Forsyth is a former Miss World – also agrees you’re only as young as the woman you feel.

Asked what keeps him feeling young Bruce said: “I’ve got a very very young wife. We won’t talk about the age gap, that will make me feel tired. But she does keep me young. She’s a wonderful lady.

“I go to Puerto Rico and lay on the beach and read some nice books and watch a lot of television and have some nice food and the views are so wonderful. She’s so busy and I can help her and she helps me. She’s been at the forefront of keeping me young.”

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