Birthday surprise turns to horror in the skies in Home and Away?

There are frightening scenes in Summer Bay as someone seeks revenge on the Morgans and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get it...

Disaster strikes in Home and Away when Alf Stewart’s son Duncan returns to the seaside town, setting off an extraordinary chain of events later this summer.

Alf is delighted to see Duncan, played by New Zealand actor Benedict Wall (pictured), return home to Summer Bay and is so proud of his successful career as a pilot.

Duncan plans a trip on a private jet to a winery for lunch to surprise Tori, played by Penny McNamee, for her 30th birthday.

Leah, Irene, Billie, Nate, Evelyn, Brody and Mason are set to join them for the celebrations.

But Justin, played by James Stuart, realises that someone from the Morgans’ murky past is going to try and bring down the plane. Can Justin save his family in time? Will those on board survive?

These scenes will screen on Channel 5 on Friday, September 23.


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