Black Sea | Film review – Jude Law’s brawny hero helps submarine thriller build up a good head of sweaty tension

Black Sea Jude Law

Laid off by a cutthroat salvage corporation, Jude Law’s veteran submarine captain leads a fractious half-British, half-Russian crew on a hunt for sunken treasure in this underwater action thriller. As the men go after the loot – a fortune in Nazi gold lying in the hold of a wrecked U-boat at the bottom of the Black Sea – writer Dennis Kelly (Channel 4’s Utopia) and director Kevin Macdonald (One Day in September, The Last King of Scotland) thrust all manner of external and internal perils in their way. The plot doesn’t entirely hold water and the characters – who include Ben Mendelsohn’s dangerously quick-tempered diver, Scoot McNairy’s weaselly moneyman and Bobby Schofield’s callow youngster – don’t always behave credibly. But Law exudes brawny charisma and helps the film build up a good head of sweaty, claustrophobic tension.


Certificate 15. Runtime 115 mins. Director Kevin Macdonald.

Black Sea is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from Universal Pictures.


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