10 reasons we love EastEnders’ Claudette Hubbard

Is evil Aunt Babe finally about to meet her match? We hope so on Thursday when Claudette warns Babe to keep away from the grieving Cokers... or else!

Could Claudette’s threats really stop Babe’s vile blackmail campaign against Les and Pam Coker in its tracks? And should Aunt Babe be very afraid? After all Claudette’s killed in the past.

Surely, if anyone can sort out the Cokers’ Aunt Babe blackmail, it’s Claudette (played by the brilliant Ellen Thomas).


1 Loyalty

les and claudette

Let me ease your pain Les!


She remained a true friend to Les Coker through all his anguish and personal turmoil, and she kept his cross-dressing secret for years. The pair even enjoyed platonic holidays together in Tenerife where Les could put on a wig and make-up and enjoy being his alter ego Christine without fear of discovery. She also won’t stand for anyone badmouthing or doing wrong to her friends or family, which is why Aunt Babe needs to fear…


2 She’s fun-loving!

We can just imagine what fun Les/Christine and Claudette had together hitting the bars and clubs of Tenerife together. Ladies out for a laugh, and living it large! We’d love to see an EastEnders spin-off special showing their Tenerife escapades.


3 Heart of gold


Claudette fostered troubled Donna Yates, then adopted her, and alongside her own son Vincent she brought them up with love and tolerance. These weren’t the easiest pair to have under your roof either – Donna is mega-gobby and Vincent’s often in trouble with the law. But these misfits seem to genuinely love each other and do form a good family unit, despite everything that’s thrown at them.


4 She’s tough as nails

She won’t stand any nonsense or anyone that threatens her family! Make an enemy of Claudette and she’ll be on you like a raging lioness! She once turned killer, when she pushed her husband Henry off the balcony of their high rise back in the 1980s. She also almost killed Gavin with a whack to the head when he dared cross her! She’s a woman to be feared.


5 She’s death-defying

claudette dead?

If anyone survives a disaster it’ll be Claudette Hubbard. She’s a woman who just won’t be killed. After her confrontation with Gavin threw up secrets about Claudette’s killer past, Vincent was horrified and tried to strangle his mother. But she fought him off like a tigress.

The fight between them, also involving Patrick, ended with Claudette tumbling down the stairs into Vincent’s basement. She seemed very dead to her son, who then buried her body, but Claudette was far from finished. She rose from the mud to make her presence felt in Walford once again.


6 Glamour girl

Was it her sparkle and glamour  that prompted Les Coker to ask her about dresses, make-up and high heels when he wanted to style up Christine? Unfortunately, due to Claudette’s rather large bust measurements, they were never likely to be sharing any ladies’ clobber.


7 Busty lady

Yes, Claudette does have an impressive cup size, which is often centre of attention on social media. And it came in handy when she fell down the stairs into Vincent’s basement… The extra cushioning could be what kept her alive!


8 Innuendo!

Aunt Babe, Linda Carter

We adore Claudette for her unwitting innuendo! “How spicy do you like your lamb, Patrick?” He likes it hot, of course… Sometimes it’s like Carry On Walford when she’s in a scene!


9 Fountain of knowledge

Claudette’s a great listener and a keeper of secrets so she knows plenty of the hidden goings-on that other Walford gossips can only dream about.


10 Babe destroyer!

EastEnders Babe Claudette

Babe beware!

Well, we can only hope! We can’t wait to see how Claudette sorts out Aunt Babe, who’s needed taking down for months. Claudette has clashed with a villain or three over the years, and always comes off best. The only question is, just who will clear up the mess this time?

We can see blood being spilled on the Queen Vic carpet…


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