Three to See: Aquarius, Hooten & The Lady and American Horror Story

We welcome the rip-roaring adventure Hooten & the Lady plus the return of American Horror Story and Aquarius

Friday, Sept 16, Sky1 HD, 9pm
Fusing the Romancing the Stone and Indiana Jones movies, comes the eight-part globe-trotting adventure drama in which Love Soup’s Michael Landes and W1A’s Ophelia Lovibond play treasure hunters, cocky American adventurer Hooten and British museum expert Lady Alexandra Lindo-Parker. Featuring exotic locations and action aplenty, plus Jayne Seymour, this looks like a new guilty pleasure in the making.

Friday, Sept 16, Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm
David Duchovny returns for a second edition of the US crime drama in which he plays fictional detective Sam Hodiak, whose own investigations intricately cross paths with cult leader Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony). This season’s 13-parter begins with the Manson family in the midst of killing actress Sharon Tate and her friends in 1969, before flashing back to 1968.

Friday, Sept 16, FOX HD, 10pm
The sixth instalment of Ryan Murphy’s horror drama arrives this week, with the plot, cast and subtitle being kept under wraps (until its US airing tomorrow) – even the trailers could be red herrings. But what we do know is that Lady Gaga, who scored a Golden Globe in January for her role as The Countess in the last series, Hotel, will be back.

In this week’s issue of TV&Satellite Week, the 30-year-old said this about working on Murphy’s macabre series: “I like being able to explore my dark side – it can be fun to indulge your wicked impulses.”


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