10 real weddings based on TV and movies

Would you theme your wedding day around your favourite TV show or movie? Meet 10 couples who did just that…

You’ve got down on bended knee or said ‘Yes!’ to the man of your dreams, such an exciting time! Next, it’s time to plan the wedding. It’s a thrilling time, but can also be a time of torment, as you debate venues, wedding themes, clothes, the reception, the food and so much more…

But for some, it’s simple. They base their wedding around their favourite TV shows! Meet some of the wackiest brides and grooms you’ll ever read about…

Wedding 1 Star Trek Wedding

Sonnie Gustavsson and Jossie Sockertopp from Sweden pose with their wedding cake after getting married in a Klingon wedding ceremony at the "Destination Star Trek London" convention in London...Sonnie Gustavsson (L) and Jossie Sockertopp from Sweden pose with their wedding cake after getting married in a Klingon wedding ceremony at the "Destination Star Trek London" convention in London October 19, 2012. Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans and thousands of Star Trek fans descend on London this weekend to celebrate one of the world's best-loved television and film franchises at a convention which has all five starship captains in attendance. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett (BRITAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
Going boldly into the future
Swedish couple Sonnie Gustavsson and Josefin Sockertopp’s wedding involved them wearing traditional red Klingon robes and matching prosthetic foreheads. The pair wanted to do ‘something different and romantic’ and were inspired by an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in which Klingon character Worf marries science officer Jadzia Dax.

Wedding 2 Game of Thrones

3 throneswedding1

Fun and Games

Kerry Ford and Darren Prew loved Game of Thrones from the beginning, so on their big day the bride was transformed into Daenerys Targaryen, while the groom became Jon Snow.

Needless to say, they couldn’t get married in front of any common folk! So, the entire wedding party of 12 was given a makeover for the ceremony at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire.

Wedding 3 Doctor Who


Time-travelling ties

Klehlyn McCord and his bride Jennifer Horn were wed in front of a congregation of other ‘Doctors’ and characters from the hit show. Fifty Doctor Who couples showed their devotion to the iconic sci-fi series – and each other – by taking part in a mass, costume-themed ‘Whovian’ wedding that took place at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, London, to mark the 50th anniversary of the programme.

Wedding 4 Flintstones Wedding

4 Flintstones-Wedding3

I yabba dabba do!

Two couples decided to go back to the Stone Age for a Flintstones-inspired Bedrock double wedding. Andrea and Simon Bean dressed up as Fred and Wilma from the classic children’s TV cartoon series, while Richard and Jill Noble took their inspiration from Barney and Betty Rubble for their special day.

The four friends staged their own version of The Flinstones as they tied the knot at Weston Park Golf Club, in Norwich.

Wedding 5 Shrek Wedding

File photo FAO Shaz A bride and groom were head ogre heels in love (thurs 23 April 2009) after they got married dressed as Princess Fiona and - SHREK. Wacky Christine England and Keith Green spent three HOURS in make-up to walk down the aisle looking like their cartoon heroes. See swns story SWSHERK. Keith, 44, and Christine, 40, were covered in green paint and full costume and wigs as they tied the knot as ogres Shrek and Fiona. The couple married in front of 100 guests who were also dressed as characters from the film including the Donkey and the Gingerbread Man.Ironically, builder Keith and hospice nurse Christine, of Barnstaple, Devon, got hitched to become Mr and Mrs GREEN.

Happily ogre after

It was a fairytale wedding of sorts, just not the sort that most little girls dream about! Hospice nurse Christine England, married her fiance Keith, in full costume and make-up in front of 100 guests who were also in fancy dress. The Mr and Mrs Green of Barnstaple, Devon, had spent three hours having their make-up done before walking down the aisle.

Wedding 6 Peter Pan

6 Peter Pan

Love in Neverland!

Princess Dorothy (Tink) and Sire Randy (Peter Pan) arranged for their wedding ceremony to be themed as the Disney animated movie. The couple made a ‘pinky promise’ in a magical forest at Shire of Tampa, Florida.

Wedding 7 Star Wars wedding

7 star-wars-wedding-8

The Force is strong…

Web designer Nadia and programmer Dale decided their nuptials in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, wouldn’t be a real wedding unless it had a full Star Wars theme. But a sci-fi cake wouldn’t suffice. Their special day included 501st legion as a guard of honour, an R2-D2 projector that acted as ring bearer and all the guests in Forceful attire.

Wedding 8 Harry Potter Wedding

9 Harry Potter_3

Potty couple fall under a spell

Wiz couple Meredith Fahey and her husband Joshua Votaw always knew they wanted a book-themed wedding.

So when their first-choice venue – a library – fell through they opted for a restaurant in L.A. reminiscent of Hogwarts. Aside from a couple of bemused older relatives, all of the guests loved the Harry Potter theme.

Wedding 9 Lord of the Rings

8 LOTR 2

Fit for a Lord

Heather and Robert looked at their nuptials as not just an opportunity to make a life-long commitment but a chance to share their love of all things fantasy when they tied the knot at Dunafon Castle in Colorado. The beautiful setting was perfect for their visions of armour, swords, dragons and elves.

Wedding 10 The Walking Dead


What a beautiful undead wedding!

Canadians Arlyn Bantog and Ellery VanDooyeweert work in the animation industry, so movies and geeky pop-culture are a pretty big deal for the nerdy pair who crowbarred several movie, song and TV themes into their wedding day. Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones and The Walling Dead.

The couple were married at The Ironworks Studios in Vancouver, an old iron factory near the train tracks that is now used as a venue for TV and movie shoots.

While saying their vows, trains were shunting in the background – quite fitting really given that the pair had spent the previous four years working on kids’ show Thomas & Friends!