Blood Ties | Film review – Clive Owen’s ex-con & Billy Crudup’s cop: brothers up in arms in 1970s Brooklyn


Clive Owen’s hotheaded ex-con and Billy Crudup’s doggedly decent cop are brothers on opposite sides of the law whose divergent paths through life become repeatedly entangled in Blood Ties, French director Guillaume Canet’s epic crime drama set in 1974 Brooklyn. Will the fraternal ties that bind them be severed for good? The film is too sprawling and unfocused to deliver real emotional clout, but there are are some gripping stand-offs along the way, while Marion Cottilard, Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana offer fine support as the women in the brothers’ turbulent lives.


Certificate 15. Runtime 125 mins. Director Guillaume Canet.

Released in cinemas and on digital download from Friday 15 August.

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